Anna returns

On the Friday before Christmas Anna flew in from China after the World Mind Sports. She flew into Heathrow then caught a plane to Edinburgh, stayed overnight there in a Hotel and then flew to Kirkwall to arrive about 10:30 the next morning. I drove up to the airport to meet her and just as the plane arrived the heavens opened again and all the disembarking passengers were subjected to an onslaught of hailstones as they walked across the runway to arrive in the arrivals lounge all looked rather wind blown but happy to be on the ground!

Kirkwall airport is a very smart bijoux affair, whilst sitting in the cafe you can see the arrivals area, the departure area, the baggage area, the gift shop and the other terminal area for local flights. So there was no chance of missing Anna when she arrived. That was one happy lady that walked through the doors, brushing off the hailstones!.

As Anna was feeling a bit left out of the Christmas arrangements, I had countered this by not doing any! So we then set off to start the final buying of Christmas as well as visiting our friends and delivering cards. This we continued to do over the next few days. It takes ages to deliver a card up here, even to new neighbors who you have never met! The all invited us in for a natter with the offer of drinks and cake and made us feel very welcome. Anna ordered a Goose for our Christmas day meal from the rather excellent Dounby butcher. I had to chuckle when we picked it up a few days later. We are surrounded by geese here in the fields and everyday, men are out hunting them, so where did our goose come from ? Norfolk! But is does look a rather splendid beast.

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