Art Exibition

My favourite shop in Kirkwall is as many of you may have realised by now, is Grooves. This place not only sells CD, DVDs, vinyl, books, games, toys, models, cards, novelty gifts but also upstairs from time to time they have exhibitions. The last one was the Lego exhibition. To celebrate ‘Record Store Day’ – yes I didn't know there was such a thing either – Grooves decided to put on a display of 100 Vinyl album covers to celebrate the art work of these.

They had previously asked for people to loan any covers that they thought might be interesting and I took along a half dozen of mine, four of which were used in the display. The exhibition is free and finishes this Saturday, some very interesting covers were on display, everything from a ‘50s family sitting round the fire wearing heavy sweaters about to burst into local country song through the cornucopia of psychedelic covers, then to punk and the modern day. Some of the art work is amazing and of course Rodger Dean’s Yessongs was represented in a display case so that the full extent of the artwork could be seen expanded out.


Yes, we are fully aware of your favourite shop being Grooves; and with good reason. They are certainly dynamic in that particular emporium.

Ah, the heady days of the picture disc, too; I bet that's next year's exhibition!

Good to hear that all is ok at present - may it last long!

Cheers - J, C & B

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