Cementing fun

Reed Bed goes here!

Only a quick report from the 'dig site' today.

Great progress has been made, the foundations have been poured, well 'barrowed' actually as they could not get the cement lorry close enough.It was all hands on deck getting the cement in as quickly as possible. After this was done it was time to cement our shiney sewerage unit in with another three tons of cement to make sure it can not 'float' out of the ground. To avoid the weight of the cement distorting the container we needed to half fill it with water and with no outside tap this might have been a problem but one of the pumps that I use to use to empty the swimming pool came in very handy as Ross lowered it into the stream and that provided all the water we needed :)
More photos on my Flickr Page
The extra 'mountain' of rocks you see has appeared is because of the large hole that now needed to be dug for our reed bed that further purifies the effluent. 
Tomorrow it is time to dig the trenches for the new drains.
Such fun!


Coluvaduck.... wot funn!
We are really impressed with the work; and the photos. Looks like a bit of industrial archeology has been disturbed in 4845 photo....? Don't forget that I'm a willing helper for the renovation of the mill wheel!

I've dealt with Klargesters but never installed one.
You're doing a fabulous job of it all - well done!

Thanks for the compliments. The workmen are a joy to work with. Good humoured, perfectionists and care about the project.

Photo 4845 is the other end of the waterwheel axle which got uncovered along with more of the gears.We will do something with the wheel.