Clearing out

Wednesday - Still sorting stuff out and we were slowly disappearing beneath piles of empty boxes most of which came from the various items we have recently purchased, so we decided that a visit to the local recycling yard was required. They are very big on recycling here and these yard are free and will take anything, even paints and engine oil. I must confess that the range of holes to post your rubbish through is bewildering and I was standing in the middle of the yard holding some of our rubbish whilst revolving around trying to figure out where this particular item should be put. Apparently the burnable household rubbish from Orkney is compressed and then burnt in Shetland for power in an environmental power station there.

As we were in Stromness we decided to check out the local furniture shop that we had heard great reports about. They were not kidding! the store, J S Allan, is like a lot of Orkadian shops here, deceptively large and extends backwards a considerable way. One person commented about one of these places, " The front door is in Orkney but the back door is in Caithness! " They had a lot of very nice furniture but we decided to be controlled and made a mental note to return when we have finished the building work.