The cooker has landed!

Tuesday - Today there was much excitement at Mill Cottage, Anna's new cooker is being delivered! In the end we found a nice free standing cooker with induction hubs. Anna wanted to get experience with using induction hubs before she orders her new kitchen. This cooker will end up in the grain store holiday let that we plan. It took a little while to figure out the controls and the hieroglyphics concerning the multi-function oven, do you really need so many ways to burn a pizza ?

We seemed to have a never ending stream of trades people, and deliveries over the last few days, so not much real work got done. Also in an attempt to sort out the phones and VPN I have moved the various routers and switches around the room and connected between them with a veritable cats cradle of leads. My attempt to have an organised office was failing rapidly! But hopefully it will not stay like this!.