The Cunning Plan works!

Campsite on the way down

My original thought was to pop in on the way down and visit various places and events, however this did not work out as most of the travelling down was done mid-week and the events are generally held at the weekends something that didn’t really occur to me, so I ended up arriving in Suffolk a couple of days earlier than expected. I camped up at the really nice camp site in Polstead and gave my eldest son a call. He suggested that we could go out for a meal that evening to a local pub, great idea. When he turned up in his rather nice black Mercedes which I hadn’t seen before, he said that he had booked a table at the Crown in Nayland. For those of you who don’t know, this place has a fantastic reputation for high quality food and I had always meant to visit it sometime. The place did not disappoint, better still, Tim paid! The next day I visited a client of mine who had contacted me on the way down with a little bit of work for me which I would normally do remotely, imagine his surprise when I turned up at the factory! We had a good laugh about old times and it was great to meet up again. That evening I visited our old neighbour, Steve, at the Railway Station and we did a beer o’clock just like old times. That night I slept in the guest room at the station, it was a bit strange and last year I could not have contemplated doing such a thing.

It was now Saturday, the day of Oliver’s musical. So I moved Badger to the campsite I had booked in Colchester and arranged for Steve to pick me up that evening. Unbeknown to Oliver or Nicola I had arranged for friends and family to turn up as well. So Tim with Vickki and Jordan were there along with Vicky and Mark, Liz, and friends Jan & Colin and of course Steve. It wasn’t until half way through the first half that Nicola realized I was in the audience and apparently Oliver was stressing that the video camera he had set up to record the performance for was not working properly when Nicola told him ‘”don’t worry your Dad is in the audience! “

Everyone seemed to enjoy the performance (I most certainly did) and afterwards I had booked a table for us all at the rather excellent Thai restaurant Thai One as I often did on such occasions. A great evening was had by all and needless to say Oliver was very pleased to see us all. Steve drove be back to the camp site and Tim had arranged to pick Anna up from Stanstead early the next morning.

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