Now its sunny now its not

There is definitely spring in the air, the garden is full of crocus which have opened and daffodils which are just on the verge of bursting open. Whilst the air is still quite chilly, the sun is starting to get some warmth to it, we have even had the front door open as it was so nice this morning. But of course this time of year also come the spring showers and this afternoon every hour or so the sky blackened and we are hit with a brief hail shower to be followed by bright sunshine. This combination leads to the inevitable rainbows and I include a photo of one that briefly appeared over our house.

Our friends Colin and Jan decided to visit the nearby island of Hoy so lets hope that they didn't get caught in any of these short storms, I'm sure we will hear all about their trip, tomorrow when we meet up to see the local folk singer Jo Philby


LOTS to tell you.  
LOVELY day.  
SO sorry you weren't able to come with us.  
WHAT a day of colours!

Geof Newton's picture

Never mind all that spring is sprung toffee and pretty colours bull !  
Where's the updates on the building works, the power tools, the wood burners and the waterwheel and all that blokey stuff?
Have you sorted out a boat yet, or even been fishing? Come on bruv, tuck your sporran in to your trossocks and get skirling!