Spring has sprung!

Like most of you in the UK we are enjoying a few days of rather splendid weather, granted the temperatures are only nudging 12 deg C rather than the 20 or so further south but we an't complaining! The better weather and the abundance of daffodils are not the only signs that spring is here, today the fields around us and the roads are full of tractors pulling slurry tanks and spreading this on the fields ( see photo ) ! So far there is little smell, but anyway if you live in the country then this is something that will happen and I can never understand people complaining about such things when they have chosen to live 'in the sticks'

The other sign of spring is the racket the birds are making around here come late afternoon as they all fly back. We have all sorts here, curlews with their distinctive call that sounds like they are winding themselves up as they fly over, the Oyster Catchers with their rather raucous call as they shout at each other as they fly over in groups, The geese flying over in their V shaped formations discussing the days eating with each other ( see photo), various gulls fly in making their familiar but different racket to the herring gulls that are common further south. Smaller birds also join in, the tree opposite our office window is a major meeting place for Starlings who discuss world affairs in their own inimitable way and amongst all this there is the occasional lark singing away over the house. It really is a most wonderful daily event and so different to the winter when we could stand out in the garden and not hear a single noise, I have never known a place quite so quiet at times.