Tripping the Neolithic

Having dropped Anna off at Kirkwall airport and gone back top bed ( she arrived in Beijing safely by the way ). When I woke, the blizzard had passed and as the forecast for a few days time was not good I decided that it was time to initiate ( or bore ) Steve with my Orkney Neolithic mini tour. So I planned that we would do Ring of Brodgar, Stones of Stenness, Barnhouse Village and finish up in Unstan tomb!

When we left the house I noticed that there were strange paw marks in the front lawn, they looked as if they may be otter, which is very exciting! ( photo )

Brodgar was fun trying to take pictures as the hail storms swept past us, boy did those hail stones sting! We just stood with our backs to the wind and roughed it out, but the reward was, great light for Steve's photos. Barnhouse was treat and for those in the know, yes Steve turned the same way as everyone else does ( except Jasmine ). We then had a quiet time warming up ( well sort of, really a case of not getting any colder ) in the bird hide on Harray loch.

Steve enjoyed Unstan tomb, his second such experience after Maeshowe. We had a play with painting with light and he got some great photos. We both ended up rather wet and muddy ( see photo of Steve )


Geof Newton's picture

Stretching it a bit to call it "lawn" old chap! We get similar holes in ours but that's definately badger, not otters! Oh, and according to Richard Hammond last night we only get hail in the summer, in winter it's ice pellets or frozen rain. Hail is built up by several freezings of cloud vapour until it's too heavy to stay up there.

Well it's a lawn to us, and we are proud of it !
I don't care what the 'Hamster' says they still feel like hail when they hit your face! : )

Oh and I believe there are no Badgers on Orkney.......