Work and Cin

Tuesday - Work in the morning, we are in the middle of one of our biggest events in the year. Most of you know that we built a system that enable Bridge players wherever to play in an event as if they are all sitting in one large room and our system will score it. We run a lot of events for various organisations, but one that is close to our hearts is Children in Need and we decided to do something ourselves about it a few years ago in 2002 we hoped to raise £3000, but imagine our surprise when the Bridge community responded by playing in their droves and donating £36,712 ! This response continued and increase every year and in total, the event has raised £ 669,717 so far! The BBC this year made us one of their official partners because of the work we have done which is a lovely recommendation and shows what a great community the Bridge world can be. If you want to see how the donations are going this year then take a look at ECatsBridge.

At lunchtime our friend Julie came round as promised to have a look at our new place, which she loved. Mill Cottage has quite a bit of charm to it and even I am warming to the odd ill fitting door :)