Start of the move ...

Pickfords arrive

Pickford's arrived on Monday morning with a nice big, very empty lorry and initially 3 men to start the packing. Then another two arrived and it was like a whirlwind through the house as they started bringing in boxes to fill. Lots and lots of boxes. And packing paper, and bubble wrap. They started emptying the cupboards at the rate of knots. The first furniture went in, a space was found that fitted the filing cabinet exactly and the office started to be dismantled. The internet was disabled and we were kept busy making sure we had enough clothes for the net few days until the lorry arrives on Orkney to disgorge the contents into Mill Cottage on Friday. 
They got on so well they could probably have done it all in the day but there wasn't any point because of the ferry being booked, so they went away about 3.00 pm and then returned today, Tuesday and have just asked us to come and check that they have every thing on board. One full lorry ! 

Packing up the office

It's Sunday and Anna arrived yesterday on time at Heathrow about two hours before there was an IT crash that delayed baggage for hours ( see ) so that was a narrow miss!

Today we are doing the final break down of the office and Anna is sorting through her bits. We have a few friends also comming round to say their goodbyes.


We also got round to carving our names into the bricks of the building like all the others before us! ( sorry Steve please don't sue us! )


Anna's flight back

Steve helped me load the 12yd skip, it was only just big enough! I have a sort of day off today so I will be doing some last minute visiting. A little more packing of very fragile stuff. Anna is on her way back from China (friday) and has an overnight stay at a Hotel booked by the travel company, but she made the mistake of checking the reviews of this hotel:
"This hotel is truly budget. It was provided to us because a connecting flight to Beijing from Shanghai had mechanical problems and we missed our flight to Seattle which flew only every other day. We had to stay 2 nights. Our room had dead bugs in it. Our friends' rooms, like ours, had some, too, plus we all smelled sewer gas emanating from the floor drains in the bathrooms.
The beds were sunken in the middle and had noticeable springs coming through. We slept on top of the comforter. Some of the staff knew a little English, but it was really the kindness of English-fluent Chinese fellow travelers who were able to make our needs known to the front desk. The restaurant staff knew some English.
This is changing in China as elementary students are being required to learn English, especially in the urban areas. The airline also gave us 20 yuan per meal, which just about covered everyone's needs. But some of the food was truly questionable, other food excellent. So food quality varied. The rooms were crowded, cramped and our friends' room had a shower pipe burst, too. The hotel housekeeping staff office was just 2 doors down and they were loud throughout the night. Because it was being paid for by Hainan, we stayed there, but it is about 16 miles from down town. "
She lands 5:30pm on Saturday at Heathrow and I suspect will be very please to be home.

Skip Day

Rubbish pile

The Skip will ( should ) arrrive this morning and the final amount of chucking out can be completed. I have spend months sorting and rearranging stuff in preparation for this move. Our current house is rather large with lots of storage and as we have lived here twenty years so a lot of 'stuff' or collectables as some might call them has accumalated. 
Some of the items were still in their boxes from the pervious house! We found in the loft a couple of very old framed maps that we were never going to display so the went to the Auction in Cambridge the other day. Imagine our surprise when they fetched over three thousand! That will help the moving fund!

One week to go

The Office

Only a week to go. Anna has been away working in China for the last two weeks at the World Bridge Championships and will be there for the rest of this week. As the place we are buying in Orkney is quite a bit smaller, we have to get rid of a lot of stuff. 
To this end I have sold Anna's desk whist she is gone ! It's Ok she did agree to this before she left. The Office is looking a bit of a state at the moment and I have changed the order for the skip to a larger one !