End of the year

 Posted by Mark on Wednesday, 31 December 2014


Well that is the end of a very eventful year as we approach 2015. We had a very different sort of Christmas this year with the family ‘durn safff’. It was lovely to be visited by some of our new friends here which made us feel part of things up here.

I have been asked about shopping for things up here and what it is like. Obviously one could go to Tesco and be done with that, but we prefer to use the rather excellent local shops and Anna is having fun trying new things. The other day for example she bought some absolutely huge yellow carrots that would make frosty the snowman look like Pinocchio telling one of his stories! The steaks here are amazing and cheaper than Waitrose were.

One slight problem I have found is in procuring my favourite breakfast snack. As those of you who know me, will probably know, I like a hot cross bun in the morning, this previously was not a problem as the supermarkets seem to produce these all year long. However up here it seems to me that every day only one pack of six buns are produced and this pack is sent to either Kirkwall, Stromness or Dounby Co-Op, and it is down to luck if you find this one pack on the day! But I will survive!

I decided to replace our weather station as the old one had not travelled well and much was broken, so today as the item had arrived from Maplin I installed it and set things up so now you can see wheat sort of weather we are getting by taking a look at http://www.ecats.co.uk/weather.

It is just left to wish anyone reading this a Happy New Year and may next year bring you all you wish for.