Floors down

 Posted by Mark on Friday, 28 August 2015


Utility room
Guest Bathroom
Guest Bedroom

Plans of Mill Cottage

The building works have got to the stage that things are being put back and the rooms are starting to look liveable in. We are still sleeping in the small sitting room but at least now the floor coverings are down in the older part of the building. The bathroom and the utility room have a fully waterproof plastic laminate flooring that looks like lightly painted white wood planks and is slightly springy to walk on. For the porch and corridor we had decided on ceramic tiles that looked like distressed planks of wood. We got the impression that Ross was really not too sure about our choice as he was laying them, but when it was all finally done he did agree that it did look ‘bonny’ which I understand is good.

The plumbing is progressing apace and Dwayne of Irvine Plumbing is making a very neat job of things. There is so much to do but he is getting there, my new fancy heating controller turned up and I had a short time to play with it until we discovered that the charging unit for the controller was faulty and so it had to go back, shame, as Dwayne had allocated me the job of figuring it all out because as he said ‘you do IT’. The sink in the guest bathroom has a waterfall tap with colour changing lights that illuminate the water flow the colour depending on the temperature of the water. These lights are powered by small dynamos driven by the water flow, I’m looking forward to seeing this in action. The bath has a waterfall tap but no lights in this as I could not find a branded bath tap with lights that we liked, lots from China but quality could be an issue. The mirror in the bathroom is Bluetooth enabled so you can play music through it, as Dwayne amply demonstrated when they installed it whilst we were out, and we returned to Dwayne’s music blaring out through the house!

Brian the electrician has also been working hard and coping very well with our changes of plan as the build develops. We now have lighting and power throughout the old cottage and I was able to roll up the extension lead that we had been living with. It also means that we don’t have to use a torch to go to bed at night anymore. We are starting to feel civilised again and little less like we are camping out.

Our decorator has let us down again and after a lot of phones calls it has been decided to get a different decorator in to at least get the important work done that needs to be done. So we can move the bedroom from the small sitting room to the guest bedroom, the office and lounge into the small sitting room, the kitchen into the utility room and use the guest bathroom as ours. When we have made this move and put anything left over into storage, then the builders will start digging up the existing concrete floor and building the extension the final phase of the development. We might go out that day!