On our way

 Posted by Mark on Friday, 24 April 2015


Well we have finally done it! We have accepted the quotation for the work and it should start in about five weeks’ time and hopefully be finished end of August! Now I may regret stating these times but I know you will all ask, so that is our best guesses.

It has been very complicated trying to sort out the different options and some of these are still up in the air and we have just four weeks to decide, sounds a bit like one of those dreadful reality shows doesn’t it?

We have managed to get a grant for the insulation but we have to use a different company for this to be done so that adds another level of complexity but I’m sure we will sort something out.

We still have to decide on bathroom furniture and the kitchen of course and the heating system is causing some headaches but the mist is starting to clear.

Wish us luck!

Oh I have included a photo of an extreme form of sitting down and taking it easy! They breed them brave up here!