Start of the move …

 Posted by Anna on Tuesday, 28 October 2014


Pickfords arrive

Pickford’s arrived on Monday morning with a nice big, very empty lorry and initially 3 men to start the packing. Then another two arrived and it was like a whirlwind through the house as they started bringing in boxes to fill. Lots and lots of boxes. And packing paper, and bubble wrap. They started emptying the cupboards at the rate of knots. The first furniture went in, a space was found that fitted the filing cabinet exactly and the office started to be dismantled. The internet was disabled and we were kept busy making sure we had enough clothes for the net few days until the lorry arrives on Orkney to disgorge the contents into Mill Cottage on Friday.

They got on so well they could probably have done it all in the day but there wasn’t any point because of the ferry being booked, so they went away about 3.00 pm and then returned today, Tuesday and have just asked us to come and check that they have every thing on board. One full lorry !




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