At Last!

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Just a short posting to keep you all up to date with the latest important news.

We have finally had our plans approved and a few days later the Building warrant was approved much to our relief !

We can now really crack on with trying to organise builders. We nearly had the warrant refused because we hadn’t specified a reed bed to take the output from the sewage station, it was thought that the half acre of reeds that we already have would need to be supplemented but that is a minor addition to the cost and we can understand their concern as it would be emptying into the loch and that is a very sensitive wildlife area.

The great thing about the planning approval is that is states categorically that the existing colour of the building must stay, so no grey people dash walls for us, we get to keep the pretty creamy yellow.

This weekend we are booked in to a talk by Robert Lleweylln ( he of Red Dwarf and Scrapheap Challenge fame ) about electric cars which are proving popular on the island, then on Saturday we are going to a music festival called ‘GlastonBurray’ held on the southern island of Burray ( get it? ) which should be fun. Full reports to follow.

Have a great weekend.

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