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Beer testing

 Posted by Mark on Saturday, 15 November 2014


Friday – I have finally caught up with myself on this Blog and so will be blogging in much nearer to real time. After a full day of working on CiN and a new mobile app that I am writing. After this we both decided that as it was Friday and seven o’clock it was ‘Beer O’clock’ and so we popped down to Stromness to the Ferry Inn again. I have made it my task to sample all the beers from the two Orkney breweries to familiarise myself. Anna embarrassed me by taking my photo in the pub, we looked like a couple of tourists! The other photo is of the view as you leave the pub. the large ship there is the Hamnavoe which is probably the one any of you will take when you come to visit us. We then returned to settle down a watch the CiN TV program and finally got to bed at 2 am !