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 Posted by Mark on Thursday, 13 August 2015


WOW! What a busy day. There were six workmen on site today. Graham was fitting the skirting boards, Peter and Allan were digging the new drain trench going to the sewage unit. Dwayne and the ‘other Graham’ were fitting the bathroom and the hot water tank. The sun was shining and all was progressing well until we came to unpack the bathroom items.

 Although we should have been able to fit the taps to the side of the bath this was not possible so after a round of phone calls and finding that there were no wall mounting bath taps on the island we decided to fit the taps at the end of the bath.

Next there was some confusion over the bath room plans that we had had designed. The supplied units seem to bear not resemblance to the plans. After another round of phone calls it turned out that we had been sent an early set of plans. Things became a lot clearer when the correct ones were sent over.

Apart from a couple of end panels needed that it was decided would make the unit look neater which were duly ordered there were no more ‘hitches in the bathroom department’ ( sounds like a euphemism for a medical condition ). The digger managed to find our water supply without going through it and it was a modern blue plastic pipe so that was a result along with some of the rain water drains.

It is quite hot outside today and this evening we have been invite to Nick Card’s end of the Ness of Brodgar Season party ( a week early this year ) which should  be great and we are looking forward to it.

More fun a games tomorrow, top priority is getting the design for the en-suite bathroom sorted, and this weekend we will be sorting out more of the details in the next section of the house as work will be starting on that very soon! Heavy rain is predicted tomorrow so I will not be needed at the NoB shop as the dig site will be closed.




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