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 Posted by Mark on Monday, 1 June 2015


Work is progressing nicely, by the end of friday the new ceiling was in place. It took a little longer than expected as the old ceiling was uneven so a lot of leveling up had to be done on the joists before the new plasterboard went up. We found and old ( 1965 ) newspaper and a beer mat behind the old walls so these will get put back along with a copy of the local newspaper from today.On Monday the electrician should be coming around.

Friday night we had our friends Vicky and Ian over to share a lump of lamb ( that is a chef’s term !) and I introduced Ian, who is a whisky love,r to the 18 year old Tomatin ( that is a whisky for those who were getting worried! ) On Saturday We went into Kirkwall at the weekend to finalise the bathroom quote and then spent the afternoon having a wander around the town, stopping off in Grooves were they had a visiting band playing live for a couple of hours. The band was Little Eye a young band and not at all folkie. We liked them so much we bought their CD which is playing on the Sonos now.

Sunday we arranged to pop down to see Catherine and Neil Corsie in Burray to catch up on their news and to see the new born lambs, pony and guinea pigs. It was raining heavily so the expected photo session did not take place, but we had a good natter or ‘blather’ as they call it here, over a cup of coffee and then headed back to the Commodore for lunch where we were meeting up with Julie and Mike from Straigona. The cunning plan was to have lunch there and then go on to the Scapa Distillery for a tour but Mike was suffering with a serious bout of ‘man flu’ and so we decided to leave the tour for another time. All the food at the Commodore is home made even the burger rolls and after demolishing a rather splendid Lamb burger and the sticky toffee pudding with a pint of the new ‘Orkney Ale’ from the Quoyloo brewery we went back home and as it was still raining we decided to have a lazy Sunday afternoon in front of the tele. Well at least that is what I had decided, Anna was in major cake baking mood.




Thanks for sharing