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Work is progressing well. The electrician Brian turned up with Ross today and all the wiring was laid in the sitting room. The wiring that is in the house is old ( about 1970’s ) and so is being replaced throughout, not much more work and best for piece of mind.

We also had time to talk about the main work and this is the reason for the “EeeeK”, it was decided that it would be easier ( and hopefully quicker and cheaper ) is the next stage that they did the bedroom, bathroom and utility room all at the same time.

This will mean that we will have to clear these rooms and probably end up sleeping in the living area for a while!This means clearing these rooms and we have been selling off some of the larger bits of furniture that we will not be needing.

We also really really have to settle on bathroom bits, light fittings, placing of power points, paint colours and a multitude of other things!

The decorator arrives in two days time!EeeeK and EeeeK ! again.Wish us luck.




Thanks for sharing