Empty House 1

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 Posted by Mark on Wednesday, 5 November 2014


Anna working using Steve's WiFi

It’s Tuesday afternoon and we have been left with an empty Railway Station, not even a chair to sit on! We were just wondering what to do when Steve next door calls and says he has lit a fire in his drawing room which is affectionately know as ‘The British Empire Room’ because of the Victoriana decor. We spent an enjoyable afternoon just chatting before we decided to go back to the Station for a nap and then the three of us would have a ‘last meal in civilization’ as my brother would call it, down at our local Indian – The Melford Valley.

An early night was called for as we wanted to be setting off at about 6 am, the cat flap was set so the cats could come in but not out and a litter tray provided.

We retired to bed, exhausted excited and slightly apprehensive about our journey tomorrow with the cats on-board.


Thanks for sharing