Heaven is a new Kitchen

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 Posted by Anna on Wednesday, 20 January 2016


Bread is getting better
Making my coffee
The view

Well, cooking in the utility room was challenging and quite fun to begin with, but it has to be said that the novelty did wear off a bit after about 6 weeks of it. I could open neither the fridge nor the oven doors completely, nor the unit doors opposite the appliances. Still managed (just) to keep up with baking for the builders, (who ate a LOT of cake and cookies, especially if Peter was here) and cooking for us in the evenings, and even managed the occasional loaf and some hot cross buns, but mostly those were purchased from the local Co-op. But it didn’t lend itself to interesting cooking and was quite frustrating.

So it was with a degree of excitement. that I am sure anyone who enjoys cooking will understand, that I was able to start moving into the new kitchen once Brian had finished the wiring. Finding a place for everything was the first task – not a problem of space but a problem of organisation – which things should go where. This took several days and even then I didn’t get it right first time and had to move things around … and may yet change some areas though I think I have it nearly how I want it. Probably. Possibly. Maybe.

And just look at that view – that is what I can stand and gaze at when preparing food (well not at the moment as the evenings are still dark of course) but isn’t it just gorgeous ?

We don’t have a kettle … we got one of those boiling water taps and it is a joy, not just for making tea and coffee but also for those moments when you need a bit of boiling water to top something up. I don’t use it for general filling-of-saucepans because my incredible induction hob boils water so damn fast I don’t need to ! And I am starting to get used to my 4D oven and its workings and getting the bread right. The grill still sets the fire alarms off though, unless I remember to close the door to the corridor – and boy are they ever noisy. Frighten the sheep big time they do !

It was quite nerve-wracking cooking the turkey at Christmas – what a time to do your first joint in a very new and unfamiliar oven, but it cooked beautifully and was excellent, if a trifle on the large side for the two of us so there is quite a lot in the freezer now awaiting transformation into a pie or curry or something, but I promise not to dish it up if friends and family come over … it’s strictly destined for Mark and myself!

When ordering the turkey and associated bits and bobs from lovely Williamsons, we got chatting with “the boss” about the seaweed-eating North Ronaldsay Sheep, and treated ourselves to a boned shoulder. We were advised that long, slow cooking is the right thing to do with this, so onto a bed of onions, carrots and celery it went in one of my Le Creuset casseroles with just a splash of white wine (truly) and some stock and into the oven for about 5 hours. Steve was here at the time and we all agreed that it was truly splendid. A very distinctive flavour, a very dark coloured meat, but delicious.



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