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 Posted by OrkneyFan on Thursday, 27 August 2015


The Office
My poor computer

Just before we show you the photos of the magificant progress everyone has made on site, I thought I would post a couple of photos of the dust and chaos that we have had to live in at times. The photo of the Office was taken the day the floor was laid in the hall and we had to move the desks as they were blocking the only way out of the house that day!

Everything has a not so thin layer of dust on it, it really is not worth cleaning it off at the moment, or that is what we are telling ourselves!

Not everything has gone smoothly, deliveries have been missing things, people have missed deadlines but on the whole it has gone very well thanks in a large part to Ross Spence and his project management. The problem with being on an island is if something is missing on a delivery it can be a couple of weeks until a replacement can be got and this can throw things out, but everyone seems very used to this and ‘rolls with the punches’.

We have now turned the corner and the place is starting to get straight as my next post will show.





Thanks for sharing