Pickfords Cometh part 1

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Posted by Mark on Friday, 7 November 2014


Container arrives
Swinging into place
Tidying up

Friday – Before we start I would just like to comment on my appearance in the last photo.

It has been commented on that I did not look my usual dapper self and was very unshaven. The reason for this was that on our last day of packing, lovely Pickfords packed my razor! so I had several days without shaving which actually extended to several more as we could not find what box they had put it in! I would just like to reassure my admirers ( if there any ) that the clean shaven look is back thanks to me buying a disposable razor of nondescript brand, this tool was not the sharpest and removing four days of growth was not the most pleasant of tasks, still after much screaming the job was done and two days later we found my ‘proper’ razor!

Back to the move. Pickfords turned up at 8:30am and we waited for the container to arrive. Shortly a van turned up with two guys in it, these were the un-loaders from a local removal company to help the Pickfords driver to unload. After a short wait a ‘Lift All’ tractor turned up, these vehicles are usually seen moving the large round straw bales about. This device was apparently our ‘crane for the day’. The young driver was cheerful enough although he was not too sure about driving onto our front lawn with the seven ton tractor as there had been a couple of days of heavy rain and the ground was very soft.

Whilst we waited for the container the young driver’s uncle drove up and there was a lot more discussion of not only the best way to move the 20’x8’x8′ 11 ton container when it arrive but also a lot of general chat or ‘Blether’ as it is know around here, the men are apparently the worse for this! It was now about 10 am and after several calls to the supplier of the container who apparently was having trouble getting it onto the lorry turned up with it on. It was a nice bright blue, new one and of course the driver knew the other four men so much chatting took place.

There was considerable discussion on how best to get the container in place without the tractor having to go on the grass. In the end they decided to lift it on chains and the using man power only to swing it into place.

Heath and Safety officers? Who needs em!

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