‘Release the beasts!’

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 Posted by Mark on Monday, 10 November 2014



Sunday – More unpacking, and as it was a nice day we decided to let the cats out for an explore. Nimbus seemed quite happy and it was not long before he was sitting on the boundary wall looking at the field of geese wondering how many of them he could catch before sunset! Phercad was his usual shy self and after a very brief look around he shot back indoors another day perhaps for an adventure!

Marcus popped round to examine our cess pit and it was decided that it would be best to empty it for now and leave any alterations until after all the planning had gone through, just in case they required expensive extras like reed-beds!

In the afternoon we decided to give ourselves a break from the joys of unpacking and go again into Kirkwall as they had a ‘Girls day out’ event. This meant that the participating shops ( most of them in the high street) were offering free glasses of bubbly and nibbles as well as 20% discount of their stock. The town was full of groups of women and I must confess to feeling a little out of it, I only saw two other similarly bemused men that day!

After a couple of hours of the agony of being surrounded by women we decided to set off to Burray to see our good friends there Catherine and Neil Corsie. Catherine was about to leave on a week long birthday trip to New York and was very excited about it. We hadn’t had any time to stop and chat the day we arrived so it was nice to stop and have a natter and compare stories.

After a good old ‘blather’ we drove back ( 30 mins ) and finished off sorting out the office, ready for the Satellite Internet installation by Islesat tomorrow morning. We then settled down to watch the AS Grand Prix, another successful day.




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