Storms and more storms

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 Posted by Mark on Tuesday, 9 December 2014


Today ( Tuesday ) we ventured south of the barriers into South Ron. Steve wanted to see the waves on the barriers and whilst they were not too bad it did give a feel for what they can be like. Steve got some more photos whilst I stayed in the car!

We then had a drive down over the barriers and to the Orkney Wine Company and spend a very enjoyable hour there chatting away and Steve tasting their various wines. I even discovered a rather nice pair of speakers that they know the maker of. I might be tempted.

Then a drive down to South Ron and on the way back we stopped at Windwick bay and were treated to a couple of seals on the beach, they didn’t seem very impressed when we arrived.

On the way back to Kirkwall we both got tempted to visit Highland Park, after all they currently have 10 % off everything so that makes quite a saving on the bottle of 50 year old that I pointed out to Steve. I suggested that it would make a nice Christmas present for me and at the discount he would be saving £1150, yes you read that correctly, that is the saving at 10% not the price! Steve suggested that he could save even more money if he bought two bottles, one for himself! (photo)

That evening the promised storm broke and we were entertained with lightening, hailstones, high winds ( gusts of 70 mph ) and power cuts. The power cuts were only for a few seconds each as the grid seemed to reset itself after a strike. The next day (wed ) the storms were still rolling across and I went outside to see if there was any damage, which there wasn’t, even our three wheelie bins were still in the place that I had found for them behind the garage. I took some photos of the burn that runs alongside the cottage and the original burn that powered the mill reappeared ! Excellent!

I the afternoon Steve and I decided to take a drive out to look at the seas. We first went to Yesnaby but it was too dangerous to get out of the car as the waves were coming over the cliffs. There was quite a group of cars up there doing the same as us. We then decided to drive up to the coast to Skail Bay and then onto Birsay to see if we could get some photos. The conditions were very poor for photos, within a few minutes the lenses were covered in spray and the light was not good, but it was fun having a go.

Some of my photos.

Then back to Mill Cottage and the warm and a promise of a wee dram tonight!




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