Weekend on the tiles!

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 Posted by Mark on Monday, 28 September 2015


This weekend was more like a weekday. Ross came over to finish off tiling the roof and this took him Saturday and Sunday with a short break when Peter came past whilst out for a ride on his motorbike. The weather has been fantastic, no wind and clear skies, not very hot but still quite warm. It was tempting to go out but having Ross here, someone had to supply the coffee and biscuits!

Anna always had a a seemingly endless supply of home baked cakes and cookies so I felt that I should try and keep the supply going the best I could so using a recipe that Anna showed me I managed a batch of chocolate chip cookies which seem edible, although I have a backup two packets of chocolate digestives just in case!

Sunday afternoon I managed to get time to watch the recording of the Japanese Grand Prix whilst Nimbus cuddled up on the sofa. Then it was out to a John Rae Society meeting in the evening to sort out the final details of the plaque unveiling on Wednesday where I seemed to have been volunteered to be the photographer!

Monday was a busy day in the office and the new windows went into the extension, the floors were swept and everything generally tidied up as well as the floor being filled where the dividing wall used to be, all ready for the studwork to go up tomorrow. The floor tiles for the entire area have been dispatched today to hopefully arrive on Friday, I hope they look as good as we have imagined from the sample!




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