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Well Easter has come and gone. Friday night we got an invite to a private view of the new Ness of Brodgar exhibition at the Stromness Museum. This shows some of the amazing neolithic finds from the current dig, stone carvings, painted stonework and the dig continues this year. The director of the dig Nick Card was there to open the exhibition, There was quite a crowd there but we did manage to have a chat to some of the people involved in assessing the finds.  We had a great time and if you get a chance, then you must visit the museum, not just for this but for the wide variety of exhibits that it has.

Saturday was spent looking at bathroom stuff and floor coverings, in readiness for the new bathroom, we have been told that planning approval is a few days away, hooray!! We then went and pestered our friend Julie who was back from her holiday in Sri Lanka, she seemed quite grateful for the visit as she wanted an excuse to stop doing the accounts!

Sunday was foggy at this end of the island so we mainly stayed in doing various jobs around the house followed by a very lazy afternoon watching some film on the tele, I say some film as I fell asleep such was it’s ability to hold my attention!

Monday I placed an order for some sheet material so I can get started with the job of insulating the porch and moving the wardrobes a job that will require the dexterous use of crowbars and ‘cat paws’ as the existing ones have been nailed to the walls ! I think this will be what they call a ‘fun job’.

Oh and if you want to see what I have done in my spare time with the old water wheel here, take a look at this video

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