Father’s Day

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Last Sunday was Father’s day, my first since moving to Orkney. Both my sons live in East Anglian so with seven hundred miles separating us the usual meal at a pub was going to be unlikely. Even more so in Tim’s case as he is currently in New Zealand setting up a new IT system for the UK based company that he works for.

But the distance did not stop my two ‘boys’ from remembering their Dad. At lunchtime ( 1 am New Zealand time ) Tim rang me to wish me a happy Father’s day apologising for the lack of card this year but with the trip to ‘upside down land’ he had forgotten until a few days ago. We had a long chat and it was good to hear his news and how he was getting on out there. Their V8 hire car is apparently quite quick and has considerably less rubber on the tyres now!

In the evening my other son, Oliver rang me to wish me Happy Father’s day and asked if I had got the card. I had not, the usually excellent Royal Mail service had let us down, but it did turn up on the Monday ( See photo ) It was a very apt and cheeky card that Oliver found there : ) He also sent me his own ‘fan edit’ of the Alien movie on DVD which he has been editing from the view point of what Ripley is seeing, it should be an interesting watch.

A times like this the distance we are all away from each other is really felt, but with modern communication no one is really far away, and we will all be meeting up at Oliver and Nicola’s Wedding in November anyway !

A glass of wine (or two) to toast our children’s health and we settled down to a film.

Thanks for sharing