Free Parking

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Although we had originally planned to sort out the drive after the builders had been we thought that rather than their lorries churning up the from lawn that we would create the parking area that we wanted now. This also means that we can turn the car around rather than backing out into the road.

A quick ask around and it was decided to get Allan Craigie to do the job. Allan turned up that evening to take a look at the job. A price was agreed and he would do the work once the land had dried out a bit. A few days later he rang to say that he would be delivering the digger on friday and would start work on the Monday.

Now our motorhome Badger was parked in the area that was going to be resurfaced so he would have to move for a few days, thankfully a quick visit to one of the local farmers, Tommy Bain solved that as he agreed that Badger could stay in the farmyard whilst the work wa being done.

Monday morning arrived and work started, and buy 5 o’clock the new parking area was excavated and laid, our pot holes filled in and my impromptue lake was no more. Amazingly quick work and it looks great!

One job done and a very useful space created ready for visitors to park their cars. Badger was moved back and is very happy in his new home.

Thanks for sharing