Friends, and more chaos!

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Sunday was an eventful day, we had the day set aside to sort out the final arrangements for wiring but just as we sat down to start our friends from East Mainland, Julie and Mike popped in as they had been visiting the Ness of Brodgar dig which has just started. It was great to show them the progress on the work here so far and have a natter.

In the afternoon we looked out of the window and saw a group of motor bikers standing around on the road, it didn’t look right so we went out to take a look. One of the bikers ad come off and slid into the fence breaking a post and a hundred yards down the road his bike had come to a halt on our entrance wall. The biker was in a bad way but starting to come round, thankfully one of the first cars that we flagged down had a couple of nurses on board so they were able to help and advise what  to do. The Police and ambulance turned up and after a few hours the road was reopened. We heard today that the biker is Ok but has bad injuries to his legs and they will be operating on him later today.

Today is Monday and it started last night with a late one. We went over to Birsay Kirk with Vicky and Ian to see the Jo Philby band which we both like.

After driving our friends back to their home, and stopping for a chat we finally got to bed gone midnight.
 Monday morning we needed to be up as we were expecting the builders, electrician and plumber to arrive, which they duly did at nine. After showing them our ideas for the lighting and suffering the now obligatory ribbing followed by some very helpful suggestions they started. It was like a hurricane had arrived! The whole area erupted into a mass of activity with five tradesmen all doing their stuff! Anna was kept very busy supplying the now compulsory cake and hot drinks.
After lunch I sloped off to the Ness of Brodgar where I was to start my first spell of volunteering at the shop on site. The purpose of the shop is to raise funds for the dig and it is very busy. I had a great time chatting to the visitors and convincing them to spend their money at the shop. The site director, Nick Card visited a couple of times and stopped for a chat. I will be writing a bit more about the dig later.
 I got back about five and entered the house with it looking like some set out of a post apocalyptic film, with wires hanging down everywhere ( not live of course! ) and half finished pipework everywhere you looked.
I have to go out first thing tomorrow to pick up some of our bathroom bits for the plumber, it is all go at the moment but getting very exciting.

Thanks for sharing