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We managed to get a couple of tickets for GlastonBurray on Saturday, even though the event had sold out within two days of being announced on Facebook. This is the second year of an evening’s festival of local bands located on the Southern island of Burray (hence the name ). Our dear friends also live on this island as it was where we used to stay in the fifteen years that we had visited Orkney.

Our plan was to take our motorhome ‘Badger’ park him up at Catherine Corsie’s place for the night so that we could enjoy the entertainment and perhaps partake of a beer or two! It didn’t take us too long to get Badger ready even though he had barely moved since we drove him up last September in advance of our move. It was great to be back in him and fond memories came flooding back to us both.

We parked up at the Corsie farm and after a natter and a look at the lamb that was born last night ( see photo ) we retired to get ready. Catherine, Anna and myself dressed up in our finest festival gear ( see photos ) it is not obvious in the photos but I had also decided to wear my green wellies, yes I know the event was being held inside in the village hall but I had heard from Steve how muddy things can get ! Anyway it limited my attempts to dance which is probably no bad thing.

The line up for the evening was varied and consisted of : The Chair, Saltfish Forty, The Silver Penguins, Jenny Hall, Those Boys, Rocker, Charlie Wallhead, Electric Mother, Bad Apple and The Andy Taylor Group. There were rumours that U2 and Madonna cancelled at the last moment!

The bands were introduced by the Scottish MP for Orkney and Shetland Liam McArthur clad as an Oasis look alike, he did a great job and really entered into the spirit of the evening. We had seen The Chair and Saltfish Forty before but the rest were new to us. I particularly liked The Andy Taylor Group who are a blues rock group with very neat guitar work. From the start most of the people were dancing to the various bands and when The Chair came on stage the floor practically exploded with an impromptu ceilidh. Apparently the hall floor had recently be renovated, a good job too otherwise we may have fallen through!

A  great time was had by all and even the hamburger was yummy. We wandered back to Badger late that night, our ears ringing.

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