The aftermath …

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So – my operation done, it’s rather a case of “What Happened Next” and a move into rather uncharted territory.

Remember, i have worn glasses since I was three, and my eyesight had deteriorated markedly over the years ..  for those of you who understand such things, you might be interested in seeing my last prescription  Anna eye prescription 2017 and you will see what I mean.

Following the operation I sat around weeping copious tears, especially from my right eye into which someone had obviously emptied a large bucket of sand!

My lovely consultant (Mr Cassels-Brown) came and inspected and pronounced me fit to leave so I could go and weep at home instead of making puddles of tears on the ward floor and generally behaving like Alice in Wonderland.

We had to go into town to collect part of the prescription I needed, and I also bought a pair of sunglasses as a) sunlight was rather bright – and yes the sun was shining – and b) I wanted something to protect my eyes. Having always worn glasses, I felt distinctly vulnerable!

Mr C-B, being a really really nice person as well as a cracking surgeon gave me his mobile number and said I should call if I was at all worried and said that no matter what I was to call him at 8 the next morning to report in. Another early start. Ho hum.

Anyway, my left eye started to ease off quite quickly, and by the evening I could open my right eye properly – or nearly properly – as well. Mark has the fun of putting 3 different eye drops in each eye (four times a day for 4 weeks). Oh goody.

So, we put the TV on. And … dear friends and interested persons … I could actually read the guide without glasses on. Now I know it’s a big TV but I have never done that before. And so to bed … and a very good night’s sleep thank goodness.

Next morning the alarm went (oh joy) and I hauled out of bed to phone Mr C-B who was very reassuring and said that my right eye would take a while to get going, as it were. But my lovely sleep had got rid of the sand and it was hardly gritty at all.  He was just so kind and said I could still call if I was worried at all.

I found I could see the computer screen with the reading glasses bought from Boots, at just 2 dioptre, and had the very strange sensation of taking them off to walk around ! I have been used to changing glasses for distance and close work, but leaving them off … altogether ? Most peculiar.

So … a quiet couple of days, then we wanted to go into town to finish off Christmas shopping (yes yes I know it’s only November but we are going south to see family soon and want to take it all with us).

And … watch this space for how it all develops !

Thanks for sharing