Tim, Vikki and Jordan

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Arriving on the plane
Jordan ready for his dig at the Ness
Feeding the Highland cows
Compulsory photo!
Stenness Monsters all round!

At long last I have managed to get my eldest son, Tim, to come and visit Orkney. He and his partner Vikki and her nine year old son, Jordon, flew up to stay with us for a week. Poor Jordan was not happy about the thought of his first flight, but he was very brave and after some persuasion he boarded the plane. These planes are not large, about fifty or so passengers and are propeller driven and so much noisier that a jet. All in all probably not the best for your first flight. However Jordan settled down and ended up enjoying the flight and was more than happy to take the second flight from Edinbrough to Kirkwall. Anna and I we waiting for them at Kirkwall airport and were greeted by three smiling faces. All three of them were prepared to experience bad weather so the odd day of rain and clouds did not dampen their enjoyment.

The sun did shine for several days including the day that Jordon was booked in to the children’s ‘Dig at the Ness’ day which although he was the youngest there, he enjoyed himself and made quite an impression on the helpers there. We also all went to the open day at the Ness, the weather was not good on that day, with rain and winds spoiling the event a bit, however it was great bumping into lots of people I knew. We ended up in Stromness Village hall where a whole load of Neolithic themed activities were put on for the kids to take part in, and again Jordon had a great time, in particular chatting to one of the finds experts from the dig about a stone that Jordan had found at Skara beach which looks like a stone tool from Neolithic times.

We visited most of the usual sights and one day we topped it off by a visit to Jerries’ ice cream parlour, a visit to this is almost compulsory for anyone. Tim, Vikki and Jordan all decided to attempt a ‘Stenness monster’ each. This is a very large cone with seven scoops of ice cream! If you succeed in doing this your name gets entered into a book and will also appear on their web site when it goes live. Tim and Vikki managed theirs, but despite a sterling effort by Jordan he could not finish the last bit of his, perhaps next time!

Jordan particularly like the sand dunes by Churchill Barrier number four, these sand dunes have slowly appeared since the barriers were built in the second world war, and now form a considerable are of sand dunes that Jordan loved running up and down, so much so that we had to revisit them a few days later!

It was great to have them stay and they seemed to enjoyed themselves, Jordan particularly loved our Burmese cat Nimbus, we thought we might have to check Jordan’s suitcase the day they left, just in case!

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