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 Posted by Mark on Thursday, 10 September 2015


Model Show
Tesla Electric Supercar

Tuesday we have been ‘nailed up’ into our half of the house so that the considerable amounts of dust and noise caused by the removal of the concrete floors. I also had to source and pop out to get a shower screen for the new bathroom as Jewsons had not included it into the design DOH!

I finally manged to beat the WiFi into submission as it was playing ‘silly buggers’ and not allowing machines to connect although everything seemed to be set up correctly. So now we have a fully working office, although rather cramped and not the slightest ‘bijou’. Anna’s work is reaching a crescendo as the start of the World Championships loom. This year they are in Indian and as we know Anna loves the heat!

A rather unexpected treat at the weekend was visiting the Orkney model show at the Grammar School. I was told about this by our new found decorator Gary who is a keen collector of Lorry models. The show was much bigger that I had expected and the quality of the models was exceptional. Everything from train sets through to Warhammer models were there, a particularly interesting stand was a guy who built models of Orkney houses out of stone, I took a picture of one of the John Rae’s House, the Hall of Clestrain.

In the centre of Kirkwall there was not only a display of old cars from an immaculate Model T Ford right through to the new Tesla electric supercar which they were offering rides in.

An unexpected treat on the Tuesday was announced with a knock on the door and our old friends and ex-client of mine Peter Scott-Smith and his partner Frankie turned up with a bottle of Moet for us. They had just arrived for their annual visit to Orkney and after showing them around amongst the chaos and rubble we arranged to see them for a lunchtime meal at Skerries Bistro in South Ronaldsay on Friday, we shall look forward to that !

More pictures of the ongoing renovations ( destruction ! ) 




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