The Move version 2

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 Posted by Mark on Wednesday, 9 September 2015


Anna's temporary kitchen
Sitting Room

What a weekend that was! We started moving all our possessions either into the old part of the house, that has just been renovated or into the large container that we own and graces our front garden. After a brief visit into Kirkwall on Saturday we started on the moving with a vengeance.

The tiny sitting room is to become our new sitting/TV room as well as our office for the next few weeks. To say cramped is an understatement! The weather was not great so we had to pick our moments to move stuff out to the container. Anna did a great job of moving everything from the kitchen into the considerably smaller utility room which at the weekend still did not have the plumbing finished for the washing machine so not all the cupboards were available to Anna, this work would be done on Monday.

After a meal out at the Ferry Inn on Saturday night we prepared ourselves for a Sunday of more moving stuff. By the end of the weekend we had got the smaller TV mounted on the wall of the sitting room and everything had been moved. The office was in place but not wired up, that would have to wait until Monday. The larger furniture that we could not manage ourselves we left in place as Ross and Graham said they would move them for us on Monday. The old kitchen we put on Facebook and it sold quickly, and the buyers came over on Sunday and started to dismantle it, again the sink would have to wait for Monday when the final plumbing would be done.

Sunday night we collapsed exhausted but very pleased that we had got everything moved. The next day when the builders arrived we got the impression that they were surprised at how much we had got done! Monday was a chaotic day. The final  large items were moved into storage, the plumber, Dwayne, turned up to complete the final bits that would need to be done, the decorator, Gary, arrived to paint the areas that were not critical to our move but great to get painted even if it did mean that he considered that my ‘final coat’ needed another coat !

I spent the time in between answering queries from the various trades, wiring up and configuring the network and the office machines, it took me back to my time as IT manager for the World Bridge Federation and getting the networks up and running before a Championship! To say that Monday was chaotic was an understatement, the office was not completely up and running until Tuesday but that is for another Blog post.




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