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 Posted by Mark on Friday, 22 May 2015


This month has been an interesting one for Orkney. The General Election came and went with the Lib-Dem candidate getting in again. Orkney and Shetland is one of the few non SNP areas in Scotland now. I heard an interesting statistic the other day, apparently there are more Pandas in Scotland than there are Lib-Dem, Tory and Labour MPs combined!

Of much more importance was the award of ‘The most Romantic place in the UK’ which Orkney was awarded by the readers of Mills & Boon, and let’s face it they should know about romance! One of my unkinder southern friends suggested that this was only because it was so cold up here that everyone spends most of their time in bed with the obvious consequences of such a life style!

Even more deserving was the award of ‘The best library in the UK’ which went to Orkney Library in Kirkwall. If you are on Facebook or Twitter I suggest that you follow their daily postings which are funny and witty. The Library itself is a treat with regular displays to entice you in as well as a very good archive section on the first floor.

Only one picture for this posting and I took this whilst sitting in the car when this giant cat came up and looked into the window! Boy they grow them big up here! It must be the diet of Orkney Voles!




Thanks for sharing