Cats, washing, sunsets, mop crops and other random matters

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 Posted by Anna on Sunday, 17 May 2015


Phercad's place
Nimbus chooses here
Sunset from the kitchen
mop crop needed

Trust cats to find the sunniest places to bake their brains in … trouble is they then get too hot and their favourite place is behind my computer once they are duly brain-fried, they fidget for a while then disembark via my mouse mat, and retreat to the shade for a while. Then back up they come, over the mouse, or keyboard or phone ready to cook a bit longer.

Nimbus isn’t the most popular cat in the world at the moment – we were sitting in the sun in the porch yesterday evening and he curled up on my lap. Now what subsequently ended up on my lap I really am not sure but I am sure I don’t really want to know. Suffice to say it necessitated a change of, and washing of, jeans. And to add insult to injury I managed to leave a tissue in the pocket which is now in small shreds tastefully decorating my blue jeans … I have hung them out in the hope that the occasional storms sweeping across, when the wind gets up considerably, will get rid of it all for me. Otherwise it is back to sellotape loops

Those on Facebook may have seen my posting about looking in the mirror and realising my hair looked like Josh Widdicombes’ … and here’s the proof ! Fortunately I am getting a mop crop at Bladez tomorrow – and the colour will be rejuvenated as well thank goodness. Mark is looking forward to having me reasonably tidy again, though I do find that wearing a fetching fluffy-bunny look up here is the norm because of the wind!

The evenings are getting ever longer – this photograph was taken at 9.40 last night, but there was still light on the horizon at midnight. It’s incredible how far along the horizon the sun moves here – mid winter the sunset could be seen from the south facing window of the house, now you have to go to the back of the house and the north facing window. I am sure people who know about these things could tell me the exact number of degrees north it has moved, but I really don’t care – I am just loving watching it happen !

Our bedroom window faces north, and all through the winter we had darkness, But now I can watch the sunrise one side and set the other. BUT … if we don’t draw the curtains we wake bright and early at about 4, which is a bit too much of a good thing, but if we DO draw the curtains we tend to wake bright and rather late at about 10 which is not a good thing (well only occasionally anyway). And the long light evenings mean somehow that I don’t get around to cooking until very late. Never mind. It’s all part of life’s rich pattern. One day maybe we will learn to live nice, ordered, regular lives but that will be when we grow up. Hopefully not yet awhile.


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