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 Posted by Mark on Wednesday, 26 November 2014


I said that I would report on the beer – Clootie Dumpling that I bought from the local brewery. I shall defiantly be buying it again, slight hints of cinnamon without it being over powering it still tasted like a bitter. I never have liked my beer to taste of flowers which seems to be so popular ‘durn sarf’ with many of the specials. I might even remember to bring some with me when we come down to Suffolk.

We un-boxed some more of our pictures and hung them up, the place is looking more like home although it is pointless to decorate until the work has been done, or at least that is my excuse!

Our good friend, Catherine Corsie visited yesterday, the first time that she had really seen the place. We got the impression that she loved it either that or she was being very kind! I asked her about converting the Grain Store as she has done a similar thing with ‘The Slap’. She came up with some great ideas which we may well implement. Our plans for the house alterations are currently in the process of being drawn and I am really looking forward to progressing with this.

We have been blessed with some amazing clear nights and fantastic sunrises and sunsets, it really is a case sometimes of ‘oh god its pretty again!’ The drive into the shops in Kirkwall was amazing yesterday, unfortunately we keep forgetting to take our ‘proper’ cameras with us. I must try harder.




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