The Big Reveal

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 Posted by Mark on Wednesday, 14 October 2015


As it looked just after Anna left
The new Kitchen
Our new view from the dinning room
Our new garden, big mower required!
The blockwork starts

Well Anna is back from India, all went well apart from her getting a nasty tummy bug which required some anti-biotics from the doctors there. But Anna made a good recovery after a couple of days and was well enough for the flight back which went very smoothly with all the connecting flights. Around 7pm on Sunday I picked her up from Kirkwall airport. As it was dark at that time of the evening particularly as there was no moon, she could not see any of the work that had been done, that would have to wait for Monday morning.

Come the morning Anna was quite excited to see all the work that had been done whilst she was away. Taking her into the extension to show her the changes as well as the majorly altered garden area was a bit like one of the scenes from those dreadful ‘make over’ programs on TV where they do the ‘big reveal’. However Anna’s reaction was not faked in anyway, she was amazed and delighted and even had a tear in her eye. So I gathered that she was happy with what had been achieved in the two and a half weeks.

Whilst we had the digger on-site I asked if the hedge across the rear garden could be removed as it was now blocking our new view of the loch. It took all of ten minutes for the deed to be done and the transformation is amazing, helped enormously by the work done at levelling off this area which previously was at a lower level to the house and hence was difficult to get to and so was previously over run with weeds. It now is a very usable area which is so large that when the grass grows back could well justify a sit-on mower, result!

Work continues this week with the decorators finishing off the filling, painting is starting tomorrow ( Thursday ) and this week Peter, Ross and Brian have been busy with building the block work for the outside walls of the extension, the kitchen is arriving on Friday!!!!!

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