A busy weekend

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Well that was a productive weekend, the weather was not great but the rain held off on Saturday morning so we went into Stromness for some provisions. There is a particularly splendid butchers there and the photo was taken outside there, yes I do know that they are vegetables but it is not a vegetarian butchers! It’s just that like most shops in Orkney they often stock other items alongside their primary products. So you will find, for example, an electrical shop selling toys and a newsagents selling food, it does rather mean that you have to check out each one, just in case!

We wandered into a great little bookshop in Stromness which bills itself as ‘the only drive in bookshop in Scotland’. Drive in its not, but that prepares you for the humour of the owner who knows his stock extremely well and was very helpful when we asked for a fish cookery book.

Purchases done we went back to Mill Cottage and I installed, not in the best of weather conditions, the two cat flaps. Don’t think that we are spoiling the cats with a ‘his’ and ‘his’ flap, it is just that the front door opens into the porch and then there is another door into the house, hence the need for two flaps. Phercad is still not sure of these flaps but Nimbus is in and out most of the day now.

We got the Sonos system set up so now we can have our tunes around the house and I finally got to listen to my new Pink Floyd album which I bought from the rather excellent ‘Grooves’ store in Kirkwall the other day along with the vinyl version.


Thanks for sharing