Deaths in Orkney

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 Posted by Mark on Wednesday, 19 November 2014


Well the title made you look didn’t it ?

As there was a break in the weather yesterday we took a quick drive ( 3 mins ) out to Yesnaby to have a walk along the cliffs. It really is amazing there and the views are stunning.

When we came back we were greeted with a dead Goose on the front lawn. At first we suspected the cats, although the size of a goose would have been quite a handful for Nimbus.

As it turned out the bird had been shot, over 20,000 geese visit Orkney in the winter so the locals see them as fair game I guess.

The next morning in the kitchen I was presented with Nimbus’s fist Orkney Vole, these creatures are unique to Orkney but are thankfully not rare ( yet! ), I went to throw this outside and on the door step was a small dead rat, the cats had had a great time lats night it seemed!

Thanks for sharing