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 Posted by Mark on Friday, 14 November 2014

As most of you know Anna is one for feeding the birds, and in fact within a day or two of moving in, the tree outside the office window was adorned with various bird feeders. These soon became populated with mainly sparrows. These little fellers are tough chaps and it is rather fun watching them hang out in the wind, one foot on the perch and one foot on the wire mesh of the feeder.

Lovely waxwing picture taken by Anne Flint

Julie told us that the waxwings had been seen in Stromness, and if we put out apples for them then they may come into the garden. These birds come from Russia and once a year appear in Orkney, they are quite colourful things and we are looking forward to them visiting us we hope.

We popped into Shearers the other day for some provisions and visited their room upstairs which every Christmas they decorate like and old time shop, it really is a delight to see and the squeals of delight from the small children as they ascend the stairs brings a smile to everyone’s faces.

william shearer
Upstairs at Shearer’s

Midday we had a site meeting with our architect Di Reeve of Breck Designs who has come very highly recommended by various people which is always a good sign. We had a good chat and about what we would like to do and Di had a number of great suggestions. We then went outside to have an initial look at the grain store as we plan to turn that into a small holiday let if the sums work out. We will look forward to seeing the new plans and cracking on with things.




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