The first sod

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 Posted by Mark on Monday, 10 August 2015


Well it has started! The digger supplied by Allan Craigie, arrived this morning, a seven ton leviathan that was skilfully manoeuvred into our back garden and work started on digging the foundations. Having this enormous machine working just outside our office windows meant that for a good part of the time our internet satellite signal was blocked by it, thanks goodness for the ADSL backup line!

Ross, Peter and Jimmy were all kept supplied with cake and coffee by Anna and within a short while they had located the BT line and our Mains power cable, thankfully intact! Our mains water supply is still elusive. It was not long before they were down to the bed rock level.

The internal doors made by Ross have been delivered on-site so we expect more progress in that department tomorrow as well, as the new flooring is down in the bedroom, bathroom and utility.

More news tomorrow.




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