Party and Plumbing

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 Posted by Mark on Monday, 17 August 2015


Drains back filled
Awaiting the reed bed
Neat pipework
Bath fitted

On Thursday evening we had a lovely party at the house of Nick Card and his wife. The house is on a hill overlooking the valley of the Ring and Ness of Brodgar, it could not be a more perfect position for Nick. We chatted to lots of people, most of whom I had met in my volunteering at the NoB shop. It was a lovely party and we left the diggers tucking into the free food and drinks, the dig had been cancelled for the next day because of the predicted bad weather so the possibility of having to dig the next day with a hangover was removed!

Back at Mill Cottage it was a very productive Friday where the main drain was back filled and a lot of the bathroom plumbing was completed ( see photos ). The drain works could not be completed as the reed bed had not arrived on the island yet, that should appear mid-week. So because of this the digger is now off site, no doubt on to another job for now. It will return later in the week.

We are having a delay in getting the plans drawn up for the en-suite. This information is needed now as the position of the drains have to be known before they lay the floor of the extension. So on the recommendation of most on the site we approached William Wilson on Saturday to see if they could come up with something within a week. After some discussion about what we would like we left them to go into town to do some shopping. Three hours later I noticed an email on my phone with the first draught of their idea!

We then bumped into the owner in Lidl a bit later and continued our discussion. On Sunday Anna and I sat down with graph paper and cut-outs and tried some of their suggestions. I then scanned and emailed them our idea based on their suggestions. By 8:30 on Monday morning I had an email with then new layout and full visualisations of our new en-suite! How about that for quick service!




Thanks for sharing