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 Posted by Mark on Wednesday, 12 November 2014


Friday – Was a busy day with all the furniture being delivered. The new very smart wardrobe for the spare room arrived along with a new chest of drawers for the main bedroom came and whilst the wardrobe was being built, the second-hand G-Plan unit from Restart Orkney arrived along with a small chest of drawers for the bathroom. The place was a hive of activity, but at least it did mean that we could start putting some more stuff away and there was a slight chance that we could empty all the boxes marked ‘kitchen’.

In the evening Anna drove me into Stromness for ‘Beer O’clock’ we went to the Ferry inn, and ended up chatting to the barmaid who had thought about buying Mill Cottage. It was not quiet the same without Steve but a tradition is a tradition and must be upheld, particularly if it involves the consumption of alcohol! On the subject of drinking, the law in Scotland is about to change on Dec 4th and the Drink-Drive limit is being reduced to 50mg so it means basically if you have a drink, then you don’t drive. If it is anything like what happened when Scotland changed the smoking laws, our friends south of the border can expect it to change there next year.

We have been touched by all the cards and gifts and kind messages that we have received. I have loaded some photos of them, sorry if I have missed yours out, the Cheese selection, some wine and a box of chocolates went the way these things tend to, particularly appreciated in the first few days of life here.

Again thanks to all our friends, we consider ourselves very lucky to know such a great bunch, and will look forward to you coming up here, but not all at once please!




Thanks for sharing