Wot the porch!

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 Posted by Mark on Tuesday, 11 November 2014


Thursday – One job that needed doing fairly quickly was the porch. This is a reasonable size and very useful to unload stuff into if it is blowing a gale here which we have been told it does on occasions here 😉 We knew the existing porch had seen better days, the wood of the frames was rotten and so it let water in and the windows were only single glazed which meant that it was a very cold area of the house. If it could be made water tight and warm then it would be a lovely area to sit out in as it does get the sun most of the day.

I thought I would ask on Facebook for recommendations for someone to do this job and received numerous suggestions, including Ross Spence who was the guy we spoke to before buying Mill Cottage about the possible work needed. So I asked Ross of RJS Joinery to come and visit to quote. His quote was accepted and the windows have been ordered, we are looking forward to get this work done before the worst of the storms.

We also had a site visit from a local company Firefly about the possibility of external insulation and the siting of a pellet burner, we want the place to be warm and cheap to run, although we have been pleasantly surprised how warm it is in its current state.




Thanks for sharing