Let there be light!

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 Posted by Mark on Thursday, 5 November 2015


The lights in the kitchen
View towards the dinning area

Although a lot is being done in the house it is more of the ‘fiddly bits’ and so not so impressive in photos. It is amazing all the things that need to be done. As soon as the kitchen units are in place you assume that the work is nearly done but the case is far from it. But today we reached a milestone, the lighting was switched on for the first time and we are really pleased with it! Although it looks like a lot of lights, well yes it is a lot of lights, but they are on multiple circuits so that different moods can be chosen depending if you want subtle whilst listening to music right up to bright lighting for reading or working.

The units for our new office have been fitted but the finishing touches to the desk have yet to be done. The En-suite is awaiting final fix and the central heating cannot be fully commissioned until the tiling cement on the floor has had time to cure. I have had some serious fun and games with getting my head around programming up the wireless all singing all dancing Honeywell EvoHome system. It’s not particularly difficult, it is just that there are so many ways it can be set up, I think after a couple of sleepless nights with the heating coming on at seemly random times,  I may have cracked it! We are both looking forward to a good night’s sleep tonight after going to see the firework display in Stromness.


Thanks for sharing