Meet the neighbours

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 Posted by Mark on Wednesday, 12 November 2014

 Saturday – We popped out in the morning to got shopping for food and bought some very fresh ( just off the boat ) monk fish which Anna cooked that evening, it was delicious, with a texture like lobster, we will definitely try that again!

 In the afternoon we were doing jobs, like trying to put a bird feeder pole in the garden. The instructions suggested hammering the pole some 30cm or more into the ground, I only managed about 5 cms at which point it fell over! Obviously the underlying rock is not far beneath us!

We were outside the house and the next door neighbour turned up with her four year old grand daughter who Nimbus took a real shine to. Our neighbour has apparently been living at the house for twenty five years and presented us with a nice bottle of red wine as a moving in present, very thoughtful. It was lovely to natter about the place to her and when asked about otters she said that they have been see here but are rather elusive, still that is great to know and we shall keep an eye out for them.




Thanks for sharing