Moving Again!

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 Posted by Mark on Friday, 4 September 2015


Just a quick progress report.

By the way the photo shows the scientific way that we made the final decision on what flooring to have in the new living area!

Last week we were still being let down by our decorators, they seemed to have over-committed themselves, but instead of telling us that there was no way that they could make the time to do the work, despite being given several weeks’ notice, they just kept promising to turn up in a couple of days. This was stopping us moving rooms as none of us thought it would be a good idea to use the new bathroom or the utility as a temporary kitchen before they had been painted. In desperation Ross managed to get a different painter in who could make a start on Thursday which he did. Hooray!

But on Friday there was no sign of him so at the weekend I decided to start painting myself, at least to get the woodwork primed. Come Monday, still no sign of any decorator so I continued painting during the day, the same on Tuesday, on Wednesday Ross got a message from our ‘rescue’ painter that there had been a death in the family and that was why he hadn’t showed! Fair enough. So Ross started to make some more calls and eventually found a company that could help him out. They turned up that day to take a look at what was involved and that afternoon started painting. By Friday afternoon all the main rooms were painted, we had decided to leave the hallway for later as that was not stopping us moving rooms.

So this evening ( Friday ) and all over the weekend will plan to be moving our bedroom from the little sitting room into the guest bedroom and then move our lounge and office into the little sitting room and the kitchen into the Utility room. There is quite a lot to do but we will be able to at least use the multi-fuel stove in the sitting room as the weather has turned a little cold ( 10 deg C  ).

We can now move the clothes out of storage and into the splendid built-in wardrobe that Ross and Graham built for us. The guys will move any big furniture for us on the Monday when they turn up to demolish the rest of Mill Cottage! Wish us luck!



Thanks for sharing